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Basecamp Check out these great new features - Here are a few video demos of some of the great new features in the all new Basecamp. They're on YouTube so you can watch them any time you'd like. They're quick, short, and to the point. Check them out and see some of the useful things you'll be able to do in your Basecamp account. Basecamp's ne... May 30, 2015
Basecamp Some pictures of the folks who built Basecamp - Here are some more! May 30, 2015 1 comment
Basecamp Thanks for choosing Basecamp! - Thanks for choosing Basecamp to help manage and collaborate on your projects. We think you're going to love it. We've been hard at work on this all new version of Basecamp for nearly a year. We've taken everything we've learned from the previous eight years, and made the all new Basecamp better t... May 30, 2015
Basecamp The beautiful Basecamp calendar - Be sure to click the "Calendar" link at the top of the screen to check out the beautiful Basecamp calendar. We've attached some screenshots and detail shots below of what the calendar looks like once you're using it. May 30, 2015
Basecamp Click me > here < to see a discussion on a to-do. - Test it out yourself. Post your own comment below. Attach a file if you want, too. May 30, 2015 3 comments
Basecamp Explore Basecamp's totally unique page stacking in - Here's a video showing how Basecamp's exclusive paper-like interface works. It's easy, fast, intuitive, and oh so natural. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcw0JGFvYUM May 30, 2015 1 comment
Basecamp Behind the scenes of the new Basecamp - Here's a collection of blogs posts sharing some of the behind the scenes work that went into building the all new version of Basecamp that you're using right now. Previewing the interface http://signalvnoise.com/posts/3111-basecamp-next-ui-preview Naming the new Basecamp http://signalvnoise.com/p... May 30, 2015
Basecamp A brief writeup of the long history of Basecamp - Speaking of our book REWORK, here's a five-chapter excerpt from our book in PDF format. May 30, 2015 2 comments